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The Heal Your Life® Canada website is a nationwide portal dedicated to assisting you in finding licensed Heal Your Life® Workshop Leaders and Coaches, to view upcoming Heal Your Life® events and to keep up-to-date on various Heal Your Life® activities throughout the Country.

Workshop Leaders and Coaches

Canada's workshop leaders and coaches have been trained in philosophies based on self-love and acceptance of self and others. These philosophies have been beautifully defined by the works of Louise Hay, most notably by her worldwide best-seller "You Can Heal Your Life."

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This Heal Your Life® Canada website is brought to you by Victoria Johnson who brings with her a passion for helping others to help themselves.

Victoria is a licensed Heal Your Life® Teacher Trainer and Coach Trainer in Canada. She holds a Ph.D., is a bestselling author, and has been designated by Hay House as a Hay House Expert.

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Honoring the Life of Louise Hay


Heal Your Life® Events in Canada

Find Heal Your Life® Teachers & Coaches in Canada

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